(512) 968-9908
3109 Kenai Drive Ste 101
Cedar Park, Texas 78613

Marsha is way more than just an acupuncturist! She takes great care in listening to any new developments in my health and all my symptoms at each visit. While she caters to the my physical health, she is very good at reading my emotional health (i.e., my stress level of the day 🙂 ), and taking that into account when planning my treatment. I have been going to her on and off for a year and a half as I have been struggling with a variety of health issues. While the needles do provide their calming effects immediately, they would not be as effective without the feeling of being in a safe space that Marsha provides, or the heart she puts into her sessions. Her genuine concern is balanced with a great deal of knowledge. Her place of business is clean, uplifting, yet calming. I almost tried another acupuncturist one time, but immediately walked out because the office was dirty, smelly, and the man did not seem very “put-together.” You will never have a bad experience going to Marsha. I trust her completely. Her treatments have helped me with relaxation, balancing whole body functioning, clearing detox/medication side effects, and my digestion. Thank you Marsha for all your help.