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Marsha Kaye, L.Ac. of North Austin Acupuncture is a wonderful healer who has her patient’s best interest and health at heart. I had never tried acupuncture until last summer when I was suffering from a tooth extraction. The pain was unbearable; the medication was overpowering; and the side effects intolerable. Upon the advice of friends, I sought out Ms. Kaye and acupuncture treatment. Marsha gave me a treatment and placed “pain studs” in my ear lobes with instructions to rotate them when I was bothered by the extraction. I was very skeptical, but I followed the instructions. The pain diminished quickly after the treatment and was eliminated in a few days.

Following that successful treatment, I decided to explore some long term health issues with her. I have had diarrhea, gas, and bloating for over a decade. Over the years, it has been diagnosed as colitis, irritable bowel syndrome , and a spastic intestine aggravated by stress. Traditional treatments have included stress reduction and relaxation techniques as well as fiber and simethicone. Most recently it has been suggested that food sensitivities may also be at play. My Kaye has been working with me, patiently taking a history and a list of symptoms. Her treatment regimen has included acupuncture, organic diet changes, herbs, and nutritional supplements. So far, I am happy to say, the diarrhea has been eliminated, and the bloating and gas reduced.

Marsha is a very inspiring healer who has me committed to my long term health improvement and development under her care. If you need health inspiration and motivational support as well as specific symptomatic treatments, Ms. Kaye L.Ac. is a wonderful interpreter of ancient Chinese medicine and practitioner for modern times!

R. Hart (Austin, TX)