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I recommend North Austin Acupuncture very highly.

I have been seeing Ms. Kaye over a period of about 9 months almost weekly throughout my pregnancy with my first child. Being a new mom can bring up much anxiety in addition to all the “normal” symptoms of pregnancy, i.e. swollen limbs, sleepless nights, lower back pressure/pain, even sciatica, etc. I am here to report that, thanks to the superb care of Marsha Kaye at North Austin Acupuncture, I have managed to neatly avoid a majority of the normal negative experiences associated with pregnancy. In hindsight, it has been extremely smooth-sailing on a physical level. I did struggle quite a bit with roller-coaster emotions throughout the 9 months, and did not envision that acupuncture could help with those feelings at all. After all, what does poking my body with needles have to do with my mental stability? Well, as it turns out, Ms. Kaye is extremely adept at assuaging those unruly emotions as well. The energy that naturally floods the body/mind has been reawakened within me thanks to her consistent, kind and considerate care.

As someone who has visited other Austin acupuncturists, I cannot recommend Marsha more highly. She is accredited, credible, and incredibly gifted at the different healing modalities going beyond acupuncture (such as medical QiGong) she utilizes on her patients. Especially if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, acupuncture can help and Ms. Kaye is exactly the practitioner to seek out.

Marsha, myself and my soon-to-be-born daughter cannot thank you enough.

Carolyn Atkins