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The stress in my life has been overflowing for years and recent circumstances left me anxious and unable to sleep. After weeks of suffering through sleepless nights and trying all sorts of supplements and over the counter items to help, I sought out an acupuncturist and found Marsha Kaye, L.Ac. of North Austin Acupuncture. I had been briefly exposed to the wonders of acupuncture last year and was eager and desperate to see how acupuncture could help my sleep problems.

Marsha’s approach to the whole body has been wonderful and important in my healing. Each visit, in addition to the actual acupuncture, she inquired as to my monthly cycle and my diet. I appreciated that she saw my body as a system; through her questions, I learned to be in touch with myself and understand how my monthly cycles and hormones, adrenal glands, diet, and stress levels were affecting my sleep. Her acupuncture treatments and the Chinese herbs she recommended definitely helped address my stress and sleep ability.

I have actually suffered sleep problems for years and in the past have used medical prescriptions to help. Those prescriptions were actually very addictive and only helped for a spell before my sleep problems returned and worsened even while on the prescriptions. The prescriptions never really addressed the underlying cause of my sleep problems– adrenal burnout and a yin deficiency.

I am on the path to healing with herbs and acupuncture and am sleeping much better. My friends have been suspect; how can being poked with needles help? Those needles are immediately oh-so calming. I highly recommend acupuncture and Chinese herbs as a method of treatment and Marsha is definitely knowledgeable and equipped to help. Her care for her patients is genuine, caring and professional. The environment of her office is extremely calm, relaxing, and clean.

Thank you Marsha. Truly. Karin K.