(512) 968-9908
13401 Athens Trail
Austin, TX 78729

When I first visited with Marsha I came to her with a laundry list of¬†“issues.” ¬†I had constant headaches, hot flashes, sleep problems and was¬†stressed out. ¬†I had heard others talk about acupuncture and thought I’d¬†give it a try.

Marsha’s approach to my problems were unlike traditional medicine. ¬†She¬†treated the whole person…body and emotions and spirit. ¬†(I’ve always¬†avoided this approach in the past.) ¬†She dug into my problems and got any¬†and all information from me that was pertinent. ¬†Along with acupuncture, she¬†put me on a cleanse. ¬†Through only a handful of visits with Marsha, I was¬†truly a changed person. ¬†I just felt better all around, and my headaches,¬†sleep issues, and stress level were all improved.

Give Marsha a try and she will likely surprise you!  She certainly surprised me!

Rose Deragon (Austin, TX)