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“I am committed to the education of each patient, giving them control over their health, and in supporting them in achieving optimal health, in a professional, yet relaxed, environment.”




  • Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine degree (MAcOM) – Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin (AOMA)
  • Beginning through Advanced Master Tung acupuncture courses
  • Small Business Degree – British Columbia Institute of Technology, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Licensing, Certifications, and Memberships

Treatment Philosophy

I treat a variety of complaints, from pain to internal disorders – whether they arise from physical illness, injury or mental and emotional stress. I have a special interest in treating chronic conditions, stress relief, emotional issues, and women’s health issues.  Because no two cases are alike, I place the utmost importance on tailoring each treatment to the individual. I truly believe in the holistic healing principles of Chinese Medicine because I have experienced first-hand the startling results they can provide.

My Story

People often ask me what made me decide to devote my life to helping people heal through Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.  This is how it happened…

While living in Vancouver in 1995, I suffered from allergies for the first time. A friend suggested I try acupuncture and we decided to explore the section of the city where Asian medicine storefronts lined the streets. Unlike the sterile, westernized acupuncture offices of today, these storefronts were dark, foreign-looking establishments with all sorts of jars and potions.

We walked in and out of different storefronts until finally a Chinese woman acknowledged me – after about an hour in her store. Without speaking my language, she sat me down, took my pulses and looked at my tongue. She then clucked her tongue, wrote some characters on a piece of paper, and started putting together packages of strange-looking herbs in white butcher paper. After adding up the cost on an abacus, she used her limited English to instruct me to boil the herbs and drink the concoction.  I went home and did as she suggested, and felt some relief.  I came back for more herbs and received my first acupuncture treatment from her husband in the back room. I soon found out that Shirley (her English name) and her husband were both doctors in Mainland China.

I bought a Chinese medicinal herb book, and we used that book as a basis for our communication.  Shirley was my first teacher and this was my beginning.  Over a decade later, the calling to help people heal through Chinese Medicine became so loud I could not ignore it.  I am very grateful to have found my destiny and to be practicing today.