Marsha is a caring, perceptive, and gifted healer who has brought about an incredible improvement in my life. After an injury and subsequent spinal fusion, I was left with chronic lower back pain and fibromyalgia. The pain doctors were out of options, other than just giving me more painkillers and Lyrica. I was looking at a different life. One visit with Marsha turned everything around. I expected to see gradual improvement over several visits, but was shocked at the immediate, significant difference in pain reduction and improved mobility that I experienced after that initial visit.

I no longer have chronic pain, or any fibromyalgia symptoms, and am free of the destructive meds. I see her only for maintenance visits for that issue now. Marsha listens to what I’m saying, as well as what I’m not, and treats me as a whole person.

Marcia G.

I originally came to Marsha for help with my acne, and I’m so glad I did – her treatments have dramatically improved my skin, yes, but they have also helped with my long-standing anxiety disorder and depression as well as my general well-being.

I have struggled with acne for years, since hitting my teens, and nothing – not antibiotics, not topical treatments, not Proactiv and other advertised products – has helped. I had cystic acne – painful lumps and blockages under the skin that would sometimes become pimples or clusters of pimples and would sometimes remain as angry red lumps beneath the surface. I also had a fair amount of scarring from past breakouts. It was worse at certain points throughout my monthly cycle, but my skin was never completely clear. I had pretty much given up on finding a long-term solution and was considering going on Accutane, despite its harshness and potentially devastating side-effects, rather than living any longer with the self-consciousness and shame that comes with having acne.

The Mai Zen protocol that Marsha used on my face consisted of five weeks of twice-weekly sessions lasting about an hour to an hour and a half in length. The experience was always very relaxing, to the point that I would fall asleep on the table! Even after the first session, I noticed an improvement in my skin’s general tone, and the angry redness had lessened. As the weeks went on, my skin improved dramatically. I no longer had those cystic lumps under the surface – when I did get a pimple, it was small and cleared up in a couple of days rather than lingering for a week or more. Even the scarring started to fade. For the first time pretty much ever, I have been leaving the house with no foundation or concealer on my face, which is so liberating. There are still some lingering scars that are gradually fading, but I anticipate that those will continue to improve with further sessions and I will have the completely clear skin that I never thought I could achieve. I’m planning to continue with a weekly facial session indefinitely to maintain these great results – and I always feel so good afterwards! It’s totally worth it.

As I mentioned earlier, I have also found that my sessions with Marsha have calmed my anxiety disorder and depression, and leave me feeling much more grounded and present. Emotionally, acupuncture sessions with Marsha have also brought a lot of my old patterns and blockages to the surface and I have been able to start working on them from a place of wellness that just wasn’t possible before we started working together.

I can’t recommend Marsha highly enough, and I fully expect to be seeing her on a weekly basis for years to come.

Andrea E.

Marsha is way more than just an acupuncturist! She takes great care in listening to any new developments in my health and all my symptoms at each visit. While she caters to the my physical health, she is very good at reading my emotional health (i.e., my stress level of the day 🙂 ), and taking that into account when planning my treatment. I have been going to her on and off for a year and a half as I have been struggling with a variety of health issues. While the needles do provide their calming effects immediately, they would not be as effective without the feeling of being in a safe space that Marsha provides, or the heart she puts into her sessions. Her genuine concern is balanced with a great deal of knowledge. Her place of business is clean, uplifting, yet calming. I almost tried another acupuncturist one time, but immediately walked out because the office was dirty, smelly, and the man did not seem very “put-together.” You will never have a bad experience going to Marsha. I trust her completely. Her treatments have helped me with relaxation, balancing whole body functioning, clearing detox/medication side effects, and my digestion. Thank you Marsha for all your help.

Marsha Kaye, L.Ac. of North Austin Acupuncture is a wonderful healer who has her patient’s best interest and health at heart. I had never tried acupuncture until last summer when I was suffering from a tooth extraction. The pain was unbearable; the medication was overpowering; and the side effects intolerable. Upon the advice of friends, I sought out Ms. Kaye and acupuncture treatment. Marsha gave me a treatment and placed “pain studs” in my ear lobes with instructions to rotate them when I was bothered by the extraction. I was very skeptical, but I followed the instructions. The pain diminished quickly after the treatment and was eliminated in a few days.

Following that successful treatment, I decided to explore some long term health issues with her. I have had diarrhea, gas, and bloating for over a decade. Over the years, it has been diagnosed as colitis, irritable bowel syndrome , and a spastic intestine aggravated by stress. Traditional treatments have included stress reduction and relaxation techniques as well as fiber and simethicone. Most recently it has been suggested that food sensitivities may also be at play. My Kaye has been working with me, patiently taking a history and a list of symptoms. Her treatment regimen has included acupuncture, organic diet changes, herbs, and nutritional supplements. So far, I am happy to say, the diarrhea has been eliminated, and the bloating and gas reduced.

Marsha is a very inspiring healer who has me committed to my long term health improvement and development under her care. If you need health inspiration and motivational support as well as specific symptomatic treatments, Ms. Kaye L.Ac. is a wonderful interpreter of ancient Chinese medicine and practitioner for modern times!

R. Hart (Austin, TX)

Recently I tried a series of acupuncture facial treatments with Marsha at North Austin Acupuncture. I decided to give it a try because I’m always trying to look my best, but I can no longer go for med spa treatments. For me, med spa results never lasted very long, I always felt ripped off, and the overall approach no longer fit my philosophy of health and well being. I’ve been happy with the results of my acupuncture facials. My face looks energized, lifted and toned, and at the same time Marsha treated my whole body, helping me achieve overall wellness and abundant energy; it was well worth it. Marsha is a true healer, very intuitive, with an impressive depth of knowledge. She brings a wide range of skills to all her sessions. If you’re tired of med spas too, it might be worth consulting with Marsha before repeating the same procedures.

Thanks Marsha! Pamela, Austin

I went to see Marsha because I had trouble sleeping and needed some assistance with the normal stresses of life. She is very professional and caring. She listened to my concerns and offered wonderful advise. It was my first time with acupunture and found it relaxing. I felt like I was walking sideways in life and after one session I immediatly sense the difference in my energy. I was walking straight and in harmony.

Liesa Pathweaver

I recommend North Austin Acupuncture very highly.

I have been seeing Ms. Kaye over a period of about 9 months almost weekly throughout my pregnancy with my first child. Being a new mom can bring up much anxiety in addition to all the “normal” symptoms of pregnancy, i.e. swollen limbs, sleepless nights, lower back pressure/pain, even sciatica, etc. I am here to report that, thanks to the superb care of Marsha Kaye at North Austin Acupuncture, I have managed to neatly avoid a majority of the normal negative experiences associated with pregnancy. In hindsight, it has been extremely smooth-sailing on a physical level. I did struggle quite a bit with roller-coaster emotions throughout the 9 months, and did not envision that acupuncture could help with those feelings at all. After all, what does poking my body with needles have to do with my mental stability? Well, as it turns out, Ms. Kaye is extremely adept at assuaging those unruly emotions as well. The energy that naturally floods the body/mind has been reawakened within me thanks to her consistent, kind and considerate care.

As someone who has visited other Austin acupuncturists, I cannot recommend Marsha more highly. She is accredited, credible, and incredibly gifted at the different healing modalities going beyond acupuncture (such as medical QiGong) she utilizes on her patients. Especially if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, acupuncture can help and Ms. Kaye is exactly the practitioner to seek out.

Marsha, myself and my soon-to-be-born daughter cannot thank you enough.

Carolyn Atkins

The stress in my life has been overflowing for years and recent circumstances left me anxious and unable to sleep. After weeks of suffering through sleepless nights and trying all sorts of supplements and over the counter items to help, I sought out an acupuncturist and found Marsha Kaye, L.Ac. of North Austin Acupuncture. I had been briefly exposed to the wonders of acupuncture last year and was eager and desperate to see how acupuncture could help my sleep problems.

Marsha’s approach to the whole body has been wonderful and important in my healing. Each visit, in addition to the actual acupuncture, she inquired as to my monthly cycle and my diet. I appreciated that she saw my body as a system; through her questions, I learned to be in touch with myself and understand how my monthly cycles and hormones, adrenal glands, diet, and stress levels were affecting my sleep. Her acupuncture treatments and the Chinese herbs she recommended definitely helped address my stress and sleep ability.

I have actually suffered sleep problems for years and in the past have used medical prescriptions to help. Those prescriptions were actually very addictive and only helped for a spell before my sleep problems returned and worsened even while on the prescriptions. The prescriptions never really addressed the underlying cause of my sleep problems– adrenal burnout and a yin deficiency.

I am on the path to healing with herbs and acupuncture and am sleeping much better. My friends have been suspect; how can being poked with needles help? Those needles are immediately oh-so calming. I highly recommend acupuncture and Chinese herbs as a method of treatment and Marsha is definitely knowledgeable and equipped to help. Her care for her patients is genuine, caring and professional. The environment of her office is extremely calm, relaxing, and clean.

Thank you Marsha. Truly. Karin K.

I have been working with Marsha Kaye and North Austin Acupuncture for over a year now. All I can say is, I highly recommend her and her work. She is a talented healer and acupuncturist; and, acupuncture is the real deal–it works. Don’t hesitate, don’t suffer any longer, call her today! You will not regret it.

Ira Knox

My name is Jamie. I begin receiving acupuncture in July 2011. I have to say that I am very pleased with the results. In the beginning, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I am not real sure I really believed in the power of acupuncture. The reason for my decision to try this form of therapy was because I was suffering from chronic migraines. After a few months of treatment my migraines have been reduced to none. I am most definitely a believer in acupuncture and would recommend it to anyone.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Marsha Kaye. Her calm demeanor and expertise have really allowed me to take full advantage of the treatment. Thank you Marsha Kaye!

Jamie Sibson

When I first visited with Marsha I came to her with a laundry list of “issues.”  I had constant headaches, hot flashes, sleep problems and was stressed out.  I had heard others talk about acupuncture and thought I’d give it a try.

Marsha’s approach to my problems were unlike traditional medicine.  She treated the whole person…body and emotions and spirit.  (I’ve always avoided this approach in the past.)  She dug into my problems and got any and all information from me that was pertinent.  Along with acupuncture, she put me on a cleanse.  Through only a handful of visits with Marsha, I was truly a changed person.  I just felt better all around, and my headaches, sleep issues, and stress level were all improved.

Give Marsha a try and she will likely surprise you!  She certainly surprised me!

Rose Deragon (Austin, TX)

“I started acupuncture in early December with severe tendonitis in right arm, chronic pain in left shoulder (separated 6/06) , poor sleep due to that shoulder, and a general stressed outlook on life!  (Work and upcoming Christmas rush.)  Today I am happy to report that my sleep is good, my left shoulder pain is essentially nil, and my right arm tendonitis is much improved, especially right after treatment.  I attribute both my physical and mental well-being to the nurturing treatment I’ve received from Marsha.  (I should add that I was fearful of needles and a bit un-believing that Oriental medicine could help me when I arrived.)  I look forward to complete healing of my right arm and the continued positive karma I absorb from Marsha!”
Nick H.

“Marsha is awesome!  I have been seeing Marsha for over a year. She is very gentle, extremely compassionate, and has helped me with various problems (some of which other medical providers couldn’t help with).   She goes out of her way to help educate you on many ways to benefit your health and is truly concerned about everyone she sees.   She has provided acupuncture and detox treatments that have helped me tremendously. 

Everyone I have sent to Marsha has been more than pleased. With her knowledge, ability and demeanor, she is without a doubt a great person to have on your side for any medical issue.” 

Helen C.

“I had tried acupuncture for sciatica at the AOMA for several weeks; I was getting some relief, but when I was referred to Marsha, my true relief and healing began.  Marsha is a true healer; she takes time to assess your body and emotions and explains how our mind, body, and spirit are connected.  She has a soothing, calming effect, and she is truly concerned about the well-being of her patients.  Her treatment is thorough and professional; she is extremely knowledgeable and puts me at ease.  In addition to helping my sciatica, she has been able to treat my swollen feet and my allergies.  For the first time in years, I am able to wear shoes without my ankles bulging out over the sides.  I feel very blessed to have found such a caring, wonderful health professional.”
Paula Haschke

“I had been having menopausal symptoms (hot flashes, iritability, sleeplessness) for a year or more and did not want to go on hormone therapy as my ob/gyn recommended. I was frustrated and didn’t know what to do, when my son suggested I try acupuncture. I met Marsha when she was studying at AOMA and have been seeing her for over 2 years now. My symptoms have virtually disappeared under her treatment. She is professional, kind, and thoughtful. I always feel at ease and calmed after seeing her. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking relief from pain or discomfort”.

Peggy Moody

“I have seen Marsha for two different conditions, each time with incredible results. The most recent visit was to treat severe stomach pain caused by excess acid that had been getting progressively worse over a 5 day period before my treatment. I began feeling relief while being treated, and within 24 hours I feel 100%. I am really beginning to see how acupuncture really does help your body heal itself.

Marsha is an incredible healer, and I would recommend her to anyone who is in need of a caring acupuncture doctor”.

Catherine Kenyon

“I woke up this morning with a sensation that everything is right and good with the world.  And the feeling has continued to this moment that I’m writing to you.  It’s as if my heart is smiling. Your treatment has gone far above and beyond my expectations. I wish I could really find the words to express what’s going on inside of me.

Blessings to you!!

PS….you can use this as a testimony”.

“I was feeling sharp pain in my knee.  I did not know what caused this pain or where it came from.  Ms. Kaye treated my knee.  I immediately felt relief!  I thought for sure I would need another treatment. Much to my surprise, my pain never came back!”  

   Ms. Duckstein

“I had a partial hysterectomy due to a watermelon-size fibroid in my uterus.  I had tumor attached to bones and other organs that they had to scrape.  I was in so much pain that I wanted to die.  Marsha treated me for both blood stagnation and pain.  Her treatment gave me tremendous relief!  My healing progressed from that point forward, and I never felt that intense pain again!  Thank you Marsha!”  

     Sonja Wolf